full name riley rachel porter date of birth + age november 12, 1989 + 25 hometown boston, ma current location boston, ma occupation TBA

" And the silken sad uncertain rustling of each purple curtain
Thrilled me — filled me with fantastic terrors never felt before."
  The winter of 1989 a thirty-one year old woman was walking to her car after a late night shift at the restaurant. That is when it happened. That is when her entire world came crashing down around her as a man came out of nowhere – forcing her into a dark alleyway. Nine months later, a girl was born. The girls bright blue eyes reminded her too much of the ordeal and, like a scene straight from a Hollywood blockbuster, the child was left on the doorstep of an elderly man and woman’s home in Boston, Massachusetts.

  John and Anna Porter were the only family that Riley knew. John, a retired mechanic, and Anna, a local motel housekeeper, were both in their early-sixties when that small blue-eyed girl was thrown into their lap. Nevertheless, they raised Riley as their own and even gave her the Porter name. Although John and Anna didn't have much to give, Riley never went without. She blossomed into a social, sweet and intelligent young girl despite her families lack of income and father’s ongoing heart complications.

  It wasn’t until the age of thirteen when Riley applied for a summer job at a local supermarket that she found out she was adopted into the Porter household. Instead of showing up with a birth certificate for her first day, she came with an “adoption certificate” in hand. That very moment was a small piece of what was about to become one of the worst years for the Riley Porter. Two months later, John passed away from a severe and ongoing heart condition and left the Porter family with a large dark cloud overhead. A month after John’s death, Riley finally asked Anna about the adoption certificate. Instead of telling Riley the truth, she told her that she would give her the adoption records when she turns eighteen - not a moment sooner - for her own protection.

  High school was hard on Riley. She was unsure of herself because she really wasn't sure exactly who she even was. She played around with sports: softball, volleyball, even giving tennis a solid go. But, she never seemed to quite find her niche. Settling into a comfortable spot with an outcasted group, Riley began her troublesome ways. Anything havoc-related that Riley could get into... she did. What started with missing a class would soon turn into missing full days, and smoking as a social sport was becoming a routine habit for her. She began hanging out with people twice her age,   

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